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The DSD R1 is your first contact with the concepts of DSD and how they will help you grow your business. In 2023, we return to our roots with a renewed focus on clinical solutions, smile design and treatment planning.

You’ll learn the latest and best DSD practices and take the first step in mastering the clinical solutions you need to run true digital dentistry.

And, if you aspire for your practice to go from being a daily practice to becoming an exclusive Smile Rehabilitation Clinic, this course is a crucial step to understand its challenges and solutions.

Are you facing these challenges right now?

This course is designed for dental professionals who want to overcome these common obstacles in their daily practice:

  • You cannot charge more
    You don’t offer the most comprehensive treatment solutions, which limits your profitability.‎
  • Patients don’t value your work
    The overall clinic experience leaves patients indifferent to what you do for them.‎
  • You work under immense stress
    You’re unfulfilled and suffer from burnout due to outdated workflows


DSD R1 is the first and only dentistry course in the world that uncovers proven strategies on how to attract the right patients and diagnose, educate, motivate and convert them to ethically increase your case acceptance rates.

  • Interdisciplinary mindset & planning
    Learn how to become a comprehensive clinician and leverage the latest dentistry technologies for predictable outcomes.
  • Utilize technologies to full potential.
    Connect the dots of a fully digital workflow that spans different equipment and start to REALLY use the technology you have to deliver natural smiles consistently.
  • Patient experience & branding
    Discover how to attract and fascinate the best-fit clients for your clinic with higher spending power and who understand the value of your dentistry and solutions.
  • Communication & decision-making
    Implement better communication and treatment planning systems to make better decisions for your patients.
  • Team empowerment
    Learn about the importance of training and empowering your staff to deliver the best patient care and curate a team that is aligned with your vision.
  • A new trajectory for your career
    Feel greater contentment and enjoyment in your daily work by discovering a new trajectory for your career that is more fulfilling, less stressful and with a happier team and patients.

The starting point in your Digital Smile Design


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Explore the Course Program

Session 1:  Why DSD & the smile business disruption | The main challenges of modern dentistry | Why digital

  • An overview of the DSD philosophy, the concepts and frameworks that will help dentists and teams overcome the main challenges of modern dentistry and achieve fulfillment in dentistry.
  • How the dental business is changing and the importance of understanding and adapting to these changes.
  • What it means to become a real digital dentist and how technologies can help us differentiate ourselves.

Session 2: The DSD experience & moments | The modern digital workflow

  • DSD Timeline
  • The DSD Patient
  • Pre and Post Case Acceptance moments
  • Modern dental software classification
  • Introduction to the 1st and 2nd appointment and inter-consultation dynamics
  • Complete digital workflow in 6 steps
  • Patient digitalization, cloud dentistry, treatment simulation & patient presentation
  • Guided dentistry and digital quality control
  • Teams for digital implementation

Session 3: The exceptional 1st appointment | Exploring your intraoral scanner (IOS) fully

  • Steps & strategies for ideal 1st appointment
  • Virtual consultation and remote care
  • Patient digitalization
  • How to choose your intraoral scanner
  • Powerful things you can do with your intraoral scanner

Session 4: Smile design and treatment planning powered by digital

  • Modern principles of treatment planning
  • The connection between smile design and treatment planning
  • The digital-functional esthetic design
  • 2D-3D digital connection
  • DSD Planning Center concept
  • Treatment plan decision-making tree based on the ideal facially-driven smile design
  • Improving decision making with 3D technology

Session 5: Storytelling and branding | 2nd appointment dynamics & the smile test drive experience

  • The Emotional Game
  • WOW effect
  • Patient types
  • Customizing communication with patients based on their profile
  • Treatment presentation strategy
  • DSD Room concept
  • DSD Motivational Mock-up
  • The Smile Test Drive experience

Session 6: The Motivational Mock-up & the Emotional Presentation with demo

  • Step-by-step live demo of the smile test drive experience
  • Motivational mock-up technique
  • Producing attractive before and after pictures
  • Building the emotional presentation with the DSD template
  • Presentation strategies and achieving the best perceived value

Session 7: The new digital way, guided dentistry & the digital lab | Exploring 3D printers

  • How digital solutions can facilitate the restorative process
  • Understanding the concepts of the smile donor, guided dentistry, digital quality control, and digital lab
  • Choosing your printer and taking advantage of it chair-side

Session 8: DSD Clinical Solutions: Ortho/perio/restorative

  • How digital can facilitate clinical performance
  • Showing the impact of digital in each of the specialties
  • The connection between facially-driven smile design, tooth movement, and aligners
  • Improving perio analysis and clinical performance in crown lengthening cases
  • Exploring digital in implant cases, from single/partial to full arch
  • The impact of digital in functional full-mouth rehabilitation
  • Facilitating the VDO opening process and treating worn dentition cases

Session 9: Becoming a digital clinic | The DSD journey, implementation & next steps

  • How to continue your DSD journey
  • Next steps for implementation and options


Benefits of the course

  • DSD Goals: Design, plan, present, perform, promote
  • The challenges of modern interdisciplinary esthetic dentistry and the solutions to overcome them
  • The Smile Frame concept. The esthetic potential of the case
  • Smile design and treatment planning
  • Smile design parameters
  • Morpho-psychology
  • Online asynchronous communication protocol
  • Emotional Dentistry
  • Digital workflow
  • Digital quality control of clinical procedures
  • Digital Wax up
  • Monolithic beautiful anterior CAD/CAM restorations. DSD Natural Restorations
  • Digital dentistry
  • DSD Planning Center
  • Smartphone video/photo protocol
  • DSD implementation
  • Marketing and business strategies for growth, the decision-making process, case acceptance and differentiating yourself

Target Audience

  • Dentists
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Staff members such as nurses, assistants, marketing technicians, treatment coordinators

Your Instructors


Dr. Luken De Arbeloa


Dr. Luken de Arbeloa was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Luken de Arbeloa obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

After complete his bachelor degree, he became an Associate professor at the chair of Dental Aesthetics of this University. During that time, he was elected as Secretary of the Metropolitan Board of Dentistry.

After moving from Caracas to Madrid, he complete his speciality and obtained a Master Degree in Prosthesis, Implant Prosthesis and Dental Aesthetics from Universidad Europea de Madrid.

De Arbeloa, has developed interest in the field of Smile Design, due to his experience in several advanced trainings in the discipline, he started his steps in the Digital Smile Design company (DSD) as a Smile Designer in the DSD Planning Center since its inception, where half of his time was spent designing smiles in 3D and the rest of the time in private practice.

After 5 years he has become an important member of DSD company as the DSD Education strategy director, dedicated to giving training around the world on the DSD concept and Dr. Christian Coachman’s (DSD Founder) right hand in the area of education.

AED  5,515.00

  • Duration 3 days
  • Lessons0
  • Skill levelIntermediate
  • CategoryDentists, Technicians, Hygienists

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